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Outline of Software Support Services

Each customer is unique, and so are their support needs. SynerSoft will design an optional software support plan for each client.

The following is an example of a support plan for a typical small office custom business application.

The program includes the services we feel are appropriate for a stable production system with up to 20-users:

This support program is $149 per month and is intended to allow the client to call SynerSoft when they need help and to allow us to be postitioned to respond.  We will be able to connect to the client's system and troubleshoot in a timely manner or reproduce and diagnose the issue in an active software development environment.

The program will also enable SynerSoft to be more responsive to requests for enhancements.

Free months of the support program will be awarded to customers who refer a new client to SynerSoft. Each new client will be worth at least one free month of the support program.

This program is optional, we are always here for our clients. The plan allows us to be more responsive and allows for Software Support at a slightly reduced rate. Clients not on the plan could have a lower response priority, experience increased response times, pay a higher tech support rate and can further suffer in responsiveness in the event that the issue requires a that we troubleshoot/debug an issue in a development environment.

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