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The SynerSoft Approach

Our approach is designed to deliver superior results, on time and on budget.

In order to achieve this goal, we seek to:

Understanding the Business Requirements and Issues:

In order to understand a client's needs, it is important to see the world through their eyes. Many clients have a good idea what their solution should look like. Others just feel that they need better access to information. In either case, we will take the time to analyze the existing manual procedures and computer systems, speak with key representatives of different departments/functions, and keep asking questions until we're sure we truly understand what a client needs to achieve their goals.

Discuss Information Solutions:

Once SynerSoft understands what information flow your company needs to achieve your goals, we can start discussing solutions using industry standard technology to either augment or replace your existing systems. Often, the existing systems play a role in defining both the technology and design of the proposed solution. Other times, a new approach is required and we build a new solution from the ground up.  SynerSoft is willing to work in either mode and we often present a couple of options.

Validate the proposed solution with a Solution Prototype:

Once the solution concept starts to take shape, the next step is to create a prototype or model of the solution. A prototype is usually a set of mocked-up screens and reports without any data or costly hand-written business logic behind them. The prototype will allow you to visualize your new software, and make suggestions for enhancement.  By working 'hands on' with a prototype, your team will gain a better understanding of how the solution will work, and whether or not the current design will meet your needs. Flushing out your ideal solution through a rapid prototyping process minimizes cost and risk by validating the solution before the project has a chance to get off track.

Process client feedback:

The prototype phase will produce extremely valuable feedback from the all the members of your project team. This feedback is then used to refine the prototype. This prototype > feedback > prototype cycle is referred to as Rapid Iterative Prototyping. It is the most efficient way to zero in on the desired solution.

Create a fixed-price and fixed-timeframe project plan and proposal:

Once the prototype has been finalized, SynerSoft can then offer you a guaranteed fixed-price and fixed-timeframe proposal to convert your prototype into a live solution. This is where the true power of the prototype is revealed. You will know exactly what you will be getting.  No last minute surprises. SynerSoft will know exactly what is expected and will guarantee the results. Our contracts, or statements of work, provide both cost and schedule certainty.

Deliver on our Commitments:

SynerSoft is dedicated to meeting or exceeding the expectations we set with your management team. We guarantee that we will deliver on time and on budget. The SynerSoft methodology is aimed at creating positive relationships by delivering on our commitments. Call or E-Mail us today to set up a free initial consultation

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