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MS Access is the most cost-effective way to deliver application functionality to the desktop.



SynerSoft has deep experience with Microsoft Access, including the following capabilities:

Application Development

There is nothing quite like using software that fits your company like a glove. Software that supports and enforces your own processes, procedures and rules.  Data can be checked upon entry and validation rules applied.  A system with your terminology, workflow and security requirements. Productivity, quality and ease of use will all increase. Training time and errors will decrease.

You deserve this, and we have the approach to make your solution a fixed-price reality.

Recovery of Malfunctioning Applications

Is your application a bit of a mess?  Does it take minutes to open or execute certain functions?  Are you starting to lose faith in the data?  Is it difficult to find the desired data?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, don't fret!  SynerSoft has a long history of adopting existing applications and taking them to the next level.  Whether it is new functionality, performance issues or resource limitations, SynerSoft can take you where you need to go.

Takeover of Existing Applications

Often the original creator of an application is no longer available.  Or perhaps the application has outgrown the developers mandate or skill set...  No worries, SynerSoft has a long history of adopting existing applications and taking them to the next level.  Whether it is new functionality, performance issues or resource limitations, SynerSoft can take you where you need to go.

Version Upgrades, Access 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 97, 2.0

So your application fits your business, you couldn't imagine living without it, but you feel 'stuck' in an old technology, possibly with poor performance, or maybe are afraid that your version of Access is no longer supported.  The solution is simple.  Upgrade to a recent version of Access.  Worried that you'll need to buy all your users new Access licenses?  Don't be, we can help you avoid that...see next.

Access Runtime Installation (no Access licenses required!)

If the idea of a custom Access application is attractive, but you do not want to upgrade your workstations to the new version of Microsoft Office Profe$$ional, we have an attractive option for you.  SynerSoft can provide Access runtime licenses with your custom applications.  This allows you to run your new solution on PC's that do not have MS Access or have a different version installed.  Click through a simple wizard, and your custom application is installed in seconds.  No difficult set-up.

Access to SQL Server Upsizing

As your application grows in size, so does its data.  As time goes by, your database also increases in size.  As your network traffic increases, you may find that your application performance decreases.  You love your Access application, but it's not as snappy as it once was.  Or even worse, maybe it gets corrupted on occasion and you suffer from lost productivity. 

What is the answer?  SQL Server upsizing!  SQL will provide dramatic improvements in performance, stability, security and back-up reliability.  Moving to SQL server will also reduce your application's need for network bandwidth, so other applications and programs will benefit. 

We can 'upsize' your data to a Microsoft SQL Server and reconnect your Access application's forms and reports to the new, secure, high-performance SQL Server.  Some programming/re-engineering is required, but this is not nearly as costly as you might think.  In addition, your trusted application will feel like it has found the fountain of youth!

Custom Access Reporting

Microsoft Access is a powerful reporting tool.  If you spend too much time compiling reports, or worse yet, can't get at the data in the way your organization requires, Custom Reporting is probably the answer for you.  Access has the ability to join data from multiple tables, summarize, sort, total and even perform custom data transformations.  Even chart creation can be automated.  Reports and charts can be prepared and distributed on a scheduled basis.  Really.  Whatever your reporting needs, chances are Access is the right tool for the job.  Did we mention it is also the most productive and cost-effective reporting tool?

Reporting from External Databases and other Applications

Imagine a report that needs to pull data from multiple databases, the sales projection spreadsheets and the company accounting package...  Sounds like a bear?  More like a breeze!  Access has an amazing ability to connect to external data sources -- and make sense of them all -- with the same design tools that we use for regular Access development.   

Data Conversions

A system is only as good as its data.  Chances are your company already has a large amount of valuable data.  No one wants to be responsible for re-entering it into a new system.  Imagine the time required.  Imagine the consequences of data entry errors.  What if your valuable data became a lot less valuable?

Now imagine having the data converted for you.  Often, the quality of the data can be improved during data conversion, when relationships and references can be cleaned up.  Duplicates can be merged and inconsistencies identified.  Data Conversion is the way to go.



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