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Microsoft .Net Consulting Services with Visual Studio

The Microsoft .Net Framework is the powerful foundation, and Visual Studio is the sophisticated software development workbench, for Enterprise-class desktop, web and mobile applications.

SynerSoft has worked with these technologies since their initial release, and has delivered real world applications by leveraging the following skills:

Application Development

There is nothing quite like using software that fits your company like a glove. Software that supports and enforces your own processes, procedures and rules.  Data can be checked upon entry and validation rules applied.  A system with your terminology, workflow and security requirements. Productivity, quality and ease of use will all increase. Training time and errors will decrease.

You deserve this, and we have the approach to make your solution a fixed-price reality.

Takeover of Existing Applications

Often the original creator of an application is no longer available.  Or perhaps the application has outgrown the developers mandate or skill set...  No worries, SynerSoft has a long history of adopting existing applications and taking them to the next level.  Whether it is new functionality, performance issues or resource limitation, SynerSoft can take you where you need to go.

Version Upgrades, .Net 1.0, .Net 2.0, .Net 3.0

Technology moves at an incredible pace, with exciting new features and capabilities appearing all the time.  But what if your current solution is a few versions behind, yet you wish to take advantage of today's newest advances?  No sweat, SynerSoft can upgrade your existing application to cutting edge status -- and integrate exciting new features -- without consuming valuable internal development resources. 

So if you are a version or two away from that new Web Service, Smart Client or need that 3rd Party Component integrated, let SynerSoft help get you back to the front of the pack.

Smart Client Development with Automatic Updates

One of the critical success criteria for larger enterprise systems is the cost of keeping all the workstations up to date with upgrades and patches.  Smart Client applications were designed to automatically update themselves.  Each time the application starts; it checks a central location, under your control, to see if an update is required.  No more logging onto each user's machine to update their application.  Support costs and effort are also greatly reduced when all users are using the correct version of their software.  Smart Clients by name, brilliant by nature!

Reach Mobile Device and PDA users...anywhere

Want to reach mobile users with cell phones, Blackberrys, smart phones and PDA's?  Hundreds of mobile devices running a wide range of operating systems?  All with one application?  Then you need a mobile web application.  SynerSoft leverages a 'best effort' rendering technology that adapts the user interface to the device being used.  Basic devices can access the solution, yet sophisticated devices are not penalized with dumbed-down interfaces.  All with one application.  The best of both worlds, and secure mobile applications can be accessed wherever your device has network service. 

Web Services Integration Technology

Complex integration projects and collaboration across organizations have been a major challenge for decades.  The answer arrived a few years ago in the form of Web Services.  Encrypted data and secure transactions can now be processed across the network, and around the globe, without user interaction.  Need to talk to a mainframe?  Share data with a partner running Linux or Unix?  Have data hungry users with Microsoft Office?  Web Services are the tool for the job, and SynerSoft can make it all work together.  Let SynerSoft create Synergy with your Software. 

Management Reporting

Management loves reports, this will never change.  There are a wide range of reporting options.  Which one is best for you will be determined by your unique requirements.  Microsoft Access is a powerful reporting tool.  Some organizations love Crystal Reports and are willing to pay the high licensing fees.  The New SQL Server Reporting Services, which comes with SQL Server 2005, provides enterprise power without additional licensing fees, as well as secure remote access and a web interface.  SQL Server Reporting Services allow report download as spreadsheet, Acrobat PDF or data file.  Let SynerSoft help you figure out which is best for you.

Usable end-user, web-based Reporting Solutions

There will always be a demand for end-user, or 'ad hoc' reporting. SynerSoft can provide a web-based interface that allows a user to select:

The SynerSoft Web Reporter then uses this information to automatically generate an SQL Server Reporting Services report which leverages the power of that reporting platform.  



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