Web Applications and SQL Server database design

Upsizing an existing application's data to SQL Server

As your application grows in size, so does its data.  As time goes by, your database also increases in size.  As your network traffic increases, you may find that your application performance decreases.  You love your Access application, but it's not as snappy as it once was.  Or even worse, maybe it gets corrupted on occasion and you suffer from lost productivity. 

What is the answer?  SQL Server upsizing!  SQL will provide dramatic improvements in performance, stability, security and back-up reliability.  Moving to SQL server will also reduce your application's need for network bandwidth, so other applications and programs will benefit. 

We can 'upsize' your data to a Microsoft SQL Server and reconnect your Access application's forms and reports to the new, secure, high-performance SQL Server.  Some programming/re-engineering is required, but this is not nearly as costly as you might think.  In addition your trusted application will feel like it has found the fountain of youth!

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