Web Applications and SQL Server database design

Microsoft SQL Server Database Design

Microsoft's SQL Server is a high-performance, Enterprise-class database. If your organization needs improved application performance, lower bandwidth consumption and reliable back-ups, then SQL Server is the choice for you.

SynerSoft can provide SQL Server database solutions including:

Database design for a new application

At the core of every application is the data.  Ultimately, how well that application can fit your company is determined by the underlying data model.  The data model is the representation of the real world objects, processes and relationships within your database.  SynerSoft can design a database that truly fits your business, which returns data in the blink of an eye and provides superior reporting capabilities. 

Your organization deserves this, and we have the approach to make your solution a fixed-price reality.

Upsizing an existing application's data to SQL Server

As your application grows in size, so does its data.  As time goes by, your database also increases in size.  As your network traffic increases, you may find that your application performance decreases.  You love your Access application, but it's not as snappy as it once was.  Or even worse, maybe it gets corrupted on occasion and you suffer from lost productivity. 

What is the answer?  SQL Server upsizing!  SQL will provide dramatic improvements in performance, stability, security and back-up reliability.  Moving to SQL server will also reduce your application's need for network bandwidth, so other applications and programs will benefit. 

We can 'upsize' your data to a Microsoft SQL Server and reconnect your Access application's forms and reports to the new, secure, high-performance SQL Server.  Some programming/re-engineering is required, but this is not nearly as costly as you might think.  In addition your trusted application will feel like it has found the fountain of youth!

Version Upgrades to SQL Server 2008 R2, 2008 and 2005

Technology moves at an incredible pace, with exciting new features and capabilities appearing all the time.  But what if your current database is a few versions behind, yet you wish to take advantage of today's newest advances?  No sweat, SynerSoft can upgrade your existing SQL Server database to cutting edge status -- and integrate exciting new features -- without consuming valuable internal development resources. 

So if you are a version or two away from that new Reporting Solution, Web Service or other integration capability, let SynerSoft help get you back to the front of the pack.

SQL Server Reporting Services Custom Report Design

Management loves reports, this will never change.  The New SQL Server Reporting Services, which comes with SQL Server 2005, provides enterprise power without additional licensing fees, as well as secure remote access and a web interface.  SQL Server Reporting Services allow report download as spreadsheet, Acrobat PDF or data file.  Let SynerSoft take your reporting to the next level.

Usable end-user, web-based Reporting Solutions

There will always be a demand for end-user, or 'ad hoc' reporting. SynerSoft can provide a web-based SQL Server reporting interface that will allow a user to select:

The SynerSoft SQL Web Reporter then uses this information to automatically generate an SQL Server Reporting Services report which leverages the power of that reporting platform.  

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